WiFi - PosiTest AT-A

WiFi technology wirelessly communicates with PosiSoft.net, downloads software updates, and provides access the PosiTest AT-A stored measurement data using standard web browsers.

PosiTest AT-A WiFi features allow users to wirelessly...

Browsing WiFi connected PosiTest AT-A instruments

The PosiTest AT-A's built-in mass storage drive can be accessed from any WiFi enabled device using a standard web browser.

To access the PosiSoft Mobile Drive using your device's web browser...

  1. Ensure the PosiTector Advanced gage and smart device or computer are connected to the same WiFi network.
  2. Type the IP address found within the PosiTector Advanced Connect > WiFi > Information menu into the web browser address bar.
  3. Select the USBMS link as shown in the illustration below. This will provide you with direct wireless access to the PosiTest AT-A's PosiSoft Drive.

HTML formatted batch report

The PosiTest AT-A's PosiSoft Drive contains the following...

Remotely view the live display of a working instrument

View the PosiTest AT-A's display using a web browser. The live display updates every couple of seconds.

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