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The PosiTector Infrared Thermometer (IRT) is a hand-held, electronic instrument that measures surface temperature quickly and accurately. It consists of a body (Standard or Advanced) and a probe (pg. 2).

This Quick Guide simmarizes the basic functions of the Gage.

Basic Operation

The PosiTector IRT powers-up when the center navigation button is pressed. Readings are updated automatically each second. To preserve battery life, the instrument powers down after approximately 5 minutes of no activity. All settings are retained.

  1. Remove the protective rubber cap form the probe.
  2. Power-up Gage by pressing the center navigation button.

The infrared temperature sensor immediately begins measuring. Press the (+) button to pause the measurement. Press (+) again to resume.

Typical Display

Button Functions - Normal Operation

Laser Pointer

Press and hold the Down button to activate the laser pointer. The laser helps aim the ifrared temperature sensor. Release the button to deactivate the laser. The symbol is displayed on the screen when the laser is active.

Laser Radiation. Do not stare into beam. Class 2 laser product.

Laser Parameters:

  • Wavelength: 652 nm
  • Laser power for classification: <1.0 mW
  • Beam diameter: <2mm at aperture
  • Divergence: 1 mRad
  • Mode of operation: CW
  • EN/IEC 60825-1:2014 (2007 USA)

Menu Operation

Gage functions are menu controlled. To access the Menu, power-up the Gage, then press the center navigation button.

To navigate, use the Up and Down buttons to scroll vertically and to SELECT

Press the (+) button to switch pages in a mulipage menu.

Press the (-) button to return to the previous menu or page.

Select Exit to exit from any menu.


When powered-up, the PosiTector automatically determines which probe is attached and does a self-check.

To disconnect a probe form a body, slide the plastic probe connector horizontally (in the direction of the arrow) away from the body. Reverse these steps to attach a different probe. It is not necessary to power-down the Gage when switching probes.

The PosiTector gage body accepts a wide variety of probe types including magnetic, eddy current and ultrasonic coating thickness, environmental, surface profile, shore hardness durometer, salt contamination and ultrasonic wall thickness probes. See defelsko.com/probes.


Emissivity refers to a material's ability to emit infrared energy, compared to an ideal black surface at the same temperature. The ratio varies from 0 to 1, and each material has a specific emissivity associated with it. The PosiTector IRT has built in emissivity settings for certain materials as well as a user-adjustable emmisivity option.

Most organic and painted surfaces have an emissivity of around 0.95, and are ideal surfaces for accurate infrared temperature readings. Shiny or reflective surfaces can be difficult to measure with an infrared thermometer, as they tend to reflect ambient infrared energy instead of their own. To compensate for this, cover such surfaces with flat paint or a piece of electrical tape. Allow the paint or tape to acclimate to the surface's temperature, and take a measurement over the paint or tape.

Distance to Spot Ratio (D:S)

The distance to spot ratio refers to the relationship between the diameter of the area being measured compared to the instrument's distance from the area. As the distance (D) from the target increases, the spot size (S) of the area being measured by the unit becomes larger. The D:S ratio of the PosiTector IRT is 5.7:1. For example, when the instrument is 100 cm (40 inches) from the target, the spot size will be about 18 cm (7 inches) in diameter.

Setup Menu


Converts the displayed units for temperature. Celsius (°C) or Fahrenheit (°F)


Reset (menu reset) restores factory settings and returns the Gage to a known condition. The following occurs:

  • All batches and stored readings, batch names and screen captures are erased.
  • Menu settings are returned to the following:
    Memory = OFF Auto Dim = ON
    Statistics = OFF Bluetooth & Stream = OFF
    HiLo Alarm = OFF WiFi & Access Point = OFF
    Trend Chart = None Display = None

Perform a more thorough Hard Reset as follows:

  1. Power down the Gage and wait 5 seconds.
  2. Simultaneously press and hold the (+) and center buttons until the Reset symbol appears.

This returns the Gage to a known, "out-of-box" condition.

It performs the same function as a menu Reset with the addition of:

  • Bluetooth pairing info is cleared.
  • Alarm settings are set to defaults.
  • Menu settings are returned to the following:
    Units = Celsius Emissivity = 0.95
    Flip Lock = OFF Battery Type = Alkaline
    Auto Sync.net = ON Backlight = Normal
    Sound = ON Bluetooth Smart = OFF
    Language = English USB Drive = ON

Date, Time and WiFi settings are not affected by either Reset.

Gage Info

Displays information on the gage body and attached probe.

Trend Chart

Turns the trend chart on. The trend chart can also be turned on by pressing the Up navigation button from the main screen.


Sets the emissivity ratio for the PosiTector IRT infrared temperature sensor.

Select Custom to manually adjust the emissivity value or to adjust to a known temperature. Emissivity is automatically calculated when adjusting to a temperature. See NOTE below.

Alternatively, use one of the following preset options:

Aluminum (rough) = 0.07 Plastics = 0.94
Zinc (Galvanized) = 0.25 Steel (Oxidized) = 0.95
Concrete = 0.54 Wood = 0.95
Paint = 0.96

Depending on surface treatment, metals such as blasted steel can have a broad range of emissivity balues. Adjusting to a known temperature (measured by a direct contact surface temperature probe) on a representative sample will assist in obtaining an accurate emissivity value.

Flip Lock

Select to disable the auto rotate feature.

Battery Type

Selects the type of batteries used in the Gage from a choice of "Alkaline", "Lithium" or "NiMH" (Nickel-metal hydride rechargeable). If NiMH is selected, the gage will trickle charge the batteries while connected via USB to a PC or optional AC charger. The battery state indicator icon is calibrated for the selected battery type. No damage will occur if the wrong battery type is selected.

Statistics Mode


A statistical summary will appear on the display. Reset statistics by pressing the (-) button. Press (+) to pause statistics.

- Average - Standard Deviation
- Maximum Value - Minimum Value

HiLo Alarm

Allows Gage to visibly and audibly alert the user when readings exceed user-specified limits.

Memory Management

The PosiTector IRT has internal memory storage for recording measurement data. Stored readings can be reviewed on-screen or accessed via computers, tablets and smartphones. Each reading is date and time-stamped. Press the (+) button to store a measurement.

The symbol appears when the Gage is set to store readings.

Standard models store up to 250 readings in one batch.

Advanced models store 100,000 readings in up to 1,000 batches. "New Batch" closes any open batch and creates a new batch name using the lowest available number. New batch names are date stamped when they are created.

Screen Capture

Press both (-)(+) buttons at any time to capture and save an image copy of the current display. The last 10 screen captures are stored in memory and can be accessed when connected to a computer.

Accessing Stored Measurement Data

DeFelsko offers the following free solutions for viewing, analyzing and reporting data:

PosiSoft USB Drive

Connect the Gage to a PC/Mac using the supplied USB cable. View and print readings and graphs using universal PC/Mac web browsers or file explorers. No software or internet connection required. USB Drive must be selected in the Gage's "Connect > USB" menu.

PosiSoft Desktop

Powerful desktop software (PC/Mac) for downloading, viewing, printing and storing measurement data. Includes a customizable, templated PDF Report Generator. No internet connection is required.


Web-based application offering secure, centralized storage of measurement data. Access your data form any web connected device.

Positector App

(Advanced models only, s/n 784000+)

App for compatible iOS and Android smart devices. Permits users to create, save and share professional PDF reports. Add images and notes using the smart device's camera and keyboard.

Connect Menu


(Advanced models only)

Allows connection to your local wireless network or mobile hot spot. Ideal for using your network's internet connection for synchronizing stored measurements with PosiSoft.net. See www.defelsko.com/wifi


When USB Drive is checked , the PosiTector gage uses a USB mass storage device class which provides users with a simple interface to retrieve stored data in a manner similar to USB flash drives, digital cameras and digital audio players. USB Drive is also required to import stored measurements in PosiSoft Desktop software.

NOTE: When connected, power is supplied through the USB cable. The batteries are not used and the body will automatically power down. If rechargeable (NiMH) batteries are installed, the instrument will trickle charge the batteries.


(Advanced models only)

Allows individual readings to be sent to a computer, printer or compatible device as they are taken using Bluetooth wireless technology. See www.defelsko.com/bluetooth.

Sync .net Now

The above WiFi, USB and Bluetooth menus contain a Sync .net Now option. When selected, the Gage immediately synchronizes stored measurement data via its respective communication method (internet connection required). Alternatively, select Auto Sync .net from within the USB connect menu to automatically synchronize upon connection to a PC. Additional measurements added to memory while connected are synchronized only when the USB cable is disconnected and reconnected, or when the Sync .net Now option is selected. WiFi connected gages automatically attempt synchronizaton upon power-up.

NOTE: PosiSoft Desktop is required when using a USB connection to synchronize measurement with PosiSoft.net.

Bluetooth Smart

(Advanced models only, s/n 784000 and greater)

When Enabled , allows communication with a smart device running the PosiTector App via auto-pairing Bluetooth Smart(BLE) wireless technology.

Sync Batches

Select batches to flag them for synchronization to the PosiTector App. New batches created while Bluetooth Smart is enabled are automatically selected.

With Bluetooth Smart enabled, select Sync Batches to transfer selected batches to the PosiTector App. This is useful when switching between smart devices, as only datasets and batches that have yet to be synchronized with any smart device are synchronized automatically.

NOTE: If Bluetooth Smart is disabled, data from batches selected in the Sync Batches menu are held in a queue until communication with the PosiTector App is re-established.

Send Batches

Transfers selected batches to the PosiTector App (useful when switching between devices).

The Send Batches option is visible in the menu when the Gage is connected to a smart device running the PosiTector App.


Determine if a software update is available for your Gage. See www.defelsko.com/update.

WARNING: The Gage will perform a Hard Reset after an update. All stored measurements will be erased from memory.

Technical Data

Conforms to: ISO 8502-4, BS7079-B and ASTM D3276

Returning for Service

Before returning the instrument for service...

  1. Install new batteries in the proper alignment as shown within battery compartment.
  2. Examin the surface temperature sensor for dirt or damage.
  3. Perform a Hard Reset.
  4. If issue is not resolved, Updates your PosiTector gage body and re-attempt measurements.

If you must return the Gage for service, please fill out and include the Service Form located at www.defelsko.com/support with the Gage. Be sure to also include the probe, your company name, company contact, telephone number and fax number or email address.

Product Labeling

Class 2 laser product
652 nm < 1mW CW
EN/IEC 60825-1-2014 (2007 USA)

Laser Precautions:

CAUTION: Use of controls or adjustments or performance of procedures other than those specified herein may result in hazardous radiation exposure.

Do not open or modify the product. There are no user service components within the product; any service or repair is to be performed only by DeFelsko Corporation personnel. No scheduled maintenance is necessary to maintain product in compliance with laser safety standards.

To prevent eye damage and personal injury:

  • Read all safety information before you use the product.
  • Do not use the product if it operates incorrectly.
  • Do not use the product if the housing appears cracked or otherwise damaged.
  • Use the product only as specified.
  • Do not look into the laser. Do not point the laser directly or indirectly (off reflective surfaces) at persons.

Limited Warranty, Sole Remedy and Limited Liability

DeFelsko's sole warranty, remedy, and liability are the express limited warranty, remedy, and limited liability that are set forth on its website: www.defelsko.com/terms

The Measure of Quality

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