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PosiTector SmartLink



PosiTector SmartLink users only: This guide provides an overview of the PosiTector App for the PosiTector SmartLink, independent of any particular probe. For detailed instructions, refer to the PosiTector SmartLink instruction manual specific to the connected probe type (below).

    PosiTector 6000
    PosiTector DPM
    PosiTector SPG
    PosiTector RTR-H

PosiTector SmartLink
The PosiTector SmartLink and free mobile app allow you to wirelessly connect a wide selection of PosiTector probes to your smart device. Take full advantage of your device's keyboard, microphone, camera, internet data connection, etc. to simplify and enhance your measurement inspection process.

The PosiTector SmartLink measurement solution consists of a PosiTector App, PosiTector SmartLink device and compatible PosiTector probe. Compatible probes include the PosiTector SPG/RTR-H (surface profile), DPM (environmental conditions) and 6000 (coating thickness) probes.

Quick Start

For full functionality including the ability to take measurements, the PosiTector App requires a PosiTector SmartLink and compatible PosiTector probe.

Step 1: Ensure a PosiTector probe is connected to the PosiTector SmartLink.

Step 2: Power-up the PosiTector SmartLink by pressing the LED button. The button will blink blue.

Step 3: Select the PosiTector SmartLink App icon on your smart device.

Step 4: A list of available PosiTector SmartLink devices (listed by connected probe type and serial number) will be displayed. Select the desired PosiTector SmartLink to connect.

The LED button on the PosiTector SmartLink will illuminate solid blue when successfully connected.

The probe model and serial number is engraved on the backside of the plastic probe connector (i.e. FN 212921).

PosiTector App

The PosiTector App turns your cell phone or tablet into an enhanced PosiTector gage. Requires a PosiTector SmartLink and a PosiTector 6000, DPM, SPG, or RTR-H probe.

Screen fonts, brightness and displayed language are inherited from your smart device settings. Currently the PosiTector App has language support for English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese and Korean. Screen orientation is fixed to portrait only, rotation to landscape is not supported.

Stored batch measurements, images and notes are all stored in the PosiTector App (on your smart device). The number of stored batch measurements is only limited by the memory available on your smart device. If the application is removed or a menu Reset is performed all stored measurements and associated data is permanently erased.

Prior to uninstalling the PosiTector App or performing a Reset it is recommended that you synchronize/copy measurement data to PosiSoft.net or share the batch data (AirPrint or email report). This ensures that the data is saved for future reference.

User Interface
The user interface was designed to combine the proven simplicity of PosiTector gages and the advanced functionality of a smart device's touch, swipe, keyboard, camera and more. The interface will be instantly recognizable to those familiar with PosiTector instruments.

(PosiTector 6000 probe in Memory mode shown)


Main Navigation Bar
The Main Navigation section is dynamic and may change from one screen to another.

In the above example, Search and Menu navigation options are available.

Search returns back to the list of available PosiTector SmartLink devices. Menu accesses the Main Menu

SmartLink Status Bar
Displays information about the connected PosiTector SmartLink and associated probe.

The above example indicates that the PosiTector SmartLink battery status is full and connected to a PosiTector 6000 FN probe (serial number: 212921).

Measurement Area
Displays measurement related information. The above coating thickness example shows the last measurement (54 microns) on a ferrous (F) substrate using calibration adjustment Cal 1. Memory is on and measurements are being stored into Batch 6 (B6).

The measurement area will change depending on the connected probe type and selected modes.

Modes Icons and Units
Displays icons for active modes (such as the disk icon for Memory mode), current calibration adjustment type (F-Factory), and measurement units (microns).

The carousel is displayed when more than a single view (screen) is present. The number of dots represent the number of views. Swipe your finger horizontally across the screen to switch between views.

Tip: Some views contain interactive areas. For this reason we recommend swiping horizontally across the Mode Icons and Units bar.

Tool Bar
Displays available actions applicable to current operating modes (i.e. memory, statistics, HiLo, etc.)

PosiTector SmartLink

The PosiTector SmartLink acts as a relay between the PosiTector probe and PosiTector App using wireless Bluetooth Smart (BLE Bluetooth Low Energy). No pairing required! Auto-pairing Bluetooth connection works up to 10m (30 feet) away.

Information specific to currently selected modes (i.e. scan mode, fast mode, etc.) and user calibration adjustments (specific to each probe) are retained within the PosiTector SmartLink. This allows for seamless switching between smart devices (phone and tablet).

Measurement data is not stored within the PosiTector SmartLink. All measurement data (readings, images, notes) is stored within the PosiTector App on your smart device.

Connect a Probe
To connect a probe, slide the plastic probe connector in the direction of the arrow (shown above) until it locks in place. Reverse for detaching the probe.

Power-up / Power-down
The PosiTector SmartLink powers-up when the LED button is pressed. To preserve battery life, the PosiTector SmartLink powers-down after 3 minutes of no activity. All settings and stored measurement data are retained. Alternatively, press and hold the LED button until it turns red and shuts off (approximately 5 seconds).

Tri-Color LED Button
The LED visually provides connection and measurement status.

LED Color Status

  • Blue Blink = Not Connected to PosiTector App
  • Blue Solid = Connected to PosiTector App
  • Green Blink = Successful Measurement

PosiTector Probes

PosiTector SmartLink is compatible with PosiTector SPG/RTR-H (surface profile), DPM (environmental conditions) and 6000 (coating thickness) probes.

Connecting a Probe
To connect a probe, slide the plastic probe connector horizontally (in the direction of the arrow shown above) until it locks in place. Reverse for detaching the probe.

When powered-up the PosiTector SmartLink automatically determines what type of probe is attached and does a self-check. The probe type, model and serial number display when found within the app's Search screen.

The PosiTector App features probe hot-swap. During the measurement process, probes can be interchanged without the need to go back to the search screen. Simply swap probes (PosiTector SmartLink will power-down) and then power-up the PosiTector SmartLink. The PosiTector App will automatically recognize the probe and be ready to measure.

Factory Calibration
Every PosiTector probe is factory calibrated and includes a Certificate of Calibration. This factory calibration information is permanently stored within the probe and cannot be overwritten by the user. This allows for unmatched probe interchangeability.

Calibration Adjustment
Some probes, such as the PosiTector 6000 allow the user to make adjustments to the factory calibration (Zero, 1-Point and 2-Point). Calibration adjustments made by the user are stored within the PosiTector SmartLink.

Main Menu

Some PosiTector SmartLink functions are menu controlled. Access them by selecting Menu in the upper right of the display.

Menu lists are dynamic and options differ depending on the connected PosiTector probe type.

Memory Menu

The PosiTector App uses your smart device's storage for recording measurement data. Stored measurements can be reviewed on-screen, printed (AirPrint), shared via email (PDF, CSV) or synchronized with cloud-based PosiSoft.net. Measurements are date and time-stamped (using date/time from smart device).

The following options appear within the Memory menu. Additional options may appear depending on the connected PosiTector SmartLink and probe type.

New Batch
Closes any currently opened batch and creates a new batch named using the lowest available number. For example, if only Batch 1 and Batch 3 exist, then Batch 2 would be created and made the current batch.

The icon appears and basic statistics are displayed. Each measurement will be displayed and stored into this new batch. On screen statistics are immediately updated with each measurement. New batches are date-stamped at the time they are created.

Shortcut: When a batch is open, press the LED button on the PosiTector SmartLink or icon on the display to create a new batch (6000, SPG, RTR-H probes only).

The following 3 screen views are available when a batch is open (Memory on). Swipe your finger horizontally across the screen to switch between views.


Batch Summary View
In the PosiTector 6000 memory example below, the batch name is B9 and contains 5 measurements.

Use the Tool bar icons to change the batch name, add batch notes and attach an image.

Delete or Ignore last reading from the current open batch. When selected, the following menu appears.

Ignore Readings are retained within the batch but are excluded from the report's statistical summaries and charts. The ignored readings are highlighted within the Batch Readings view (shown below).

Delete Reading permanently removes the selected measurement from the current batch.

Readings that have been synchronized (automatically or manually) with PosiSoft.net cannot be deleted. To exclude them from report summaries and charts select Ignore Reading.

Cancel exits the menu.


New Batch (6000, SPG, RTR-H probes)
Closes any open batch and creates a new batch name using the lowest available number.

PosiTector DPM probes store a dataset into the batch when the button is pressed.


Add Photo to the currently opened batch or reading.

Add Image Annotation

This drawing tool is ideal for identifying a specific location or area within an image. Choose from three paint brush colors - Red, Green or Blue. Use finger or stylus to draw over the displayed image.


Batch Photo, Reading Photos and Image Annotations can be included in reports (default) and synchronized with PosiSoft.net. The photo can be resized or hidden from reports within the Memory >> Batch Report Configuration menu.

Connection to a PosiTector SmartLink is not required to add a photo or image annotation to an existing batch.


Add Notes to currently opened batch or reading.

Change the batch name and add batch notes using your smart device's keyboard or dictation tools.

Batch names/notes appear on reports and are included when measurement data is synchronized with PosiSoft.net.


Share Batch

Share/view professional PDF reports and CSV data instantly via email, AirPrint™, Dropbox or other applications on your smart device.


Generate PDF reports instantly and share via email, AirPrint, Dropbox or other applications on your smart device.

Batch reports can be customized within the Batch Report Configuration menu.


Email CSV (comma-delimited) comma-separated text files which can easily be imported into supporting applications such as spreadsheets and databases. A .json formatted file is also included.


Batch Readings View

Lists all readings contained in the current batch. New readings are added to the list instantly as they are taken.

A note and/or photo can be added to each individual reading. Notes and photos can be displayed in batch reports and synchronized with PosiSoft.net.


Batch Chart View

Display an x-y chart of measurements contained in the current batch. The chart is instantly updated as measurements are taken.

Pinch the active region of the chart to zoom the view.


Lists all stored batches. Select the desired batch to open.

Additional measurements can be added to existing batches if the original probe is attached to the PosiTector SmartLink (must be same PosiTector SmartLink/probe combination).

Opening a batch that was not created with the currently attached probe will disconnect the PosiTector SmartLink from the PosiTector App. You will still be able to add notes, photos, etc. to the batch.

Closes the current batch and turns Memory OFF.

Batch measurement data is retained when a batch is closed.

Permanently remove a batch or sub-batch from the PosiTector App.

Select batches for deletion, then select OK. Or select Delete all batches for all probes to permanently delete all measurement data from the smart device (phone/tablet).

If the batches have been synchronized or copied to PosiSoft.net, a copy will remain there.


Batch Report Configuration
Customize reports using the Batch Report Configuration to include/exclude notes, images, logo, company/report name, fonts, alignment, image sizes and more.

Select Preview Report to review your changes.

The Preview Report displays sample batch data (not your actual batch data).

Batch Report
Generate a report summarizing an individual batch or multiple batches. Select desired batch or batches to include in the report and press OK.

Share the report instantly via email, AirPrint, Dropbox or other applications on your device.


Setup Menu

Provides information about the currently connected PosiTector SmartLink and PosiTector App version.

The PosiTector SmartLink serial number and key (unique to your SmartLink) are required to register for a PosiSoft.net account. Account not required for Copying Batches To/From PosiSoft.net.

SmartLink Lock
Locks the PosiTector SmartLink to a smart device. This prevents other PosiTector SmartLink users within range (10 m / 30 ft) from inadvertently connecting to a SmartLink.

Toggle the SmartLink Lock within the Setup menu to lock the PosiTector SmartLink to a smart device. You will have to unlock it if you want to wirelessly connect to another smart device.

The PosiTector SmartLink is not visible on other smart devices while you are connected (once you have selected the PosiTector SmartLink from the Search screen). When the PosiTector SmartLink is powered-up and you are not connected to it, the lock icon will appear (as shown above) to other users and not allow them to connect.


Restores the PosiTector App back to its default settings. All batches, stored measurements, images, notes and calibration adjustments for all probes are permanently erased. Batch report configurations are returned to default settings. All modes (Memory, Statistics, Auto Sync, etc) are turned OFF.

It is recommended that you synchronize all stored measurement data to PosiSoft.net prior to performing a Reset. This provides a backup solution in case measurement data has been deleted in error. Data on PosiSoft.net is not affected by a Reset.


PosiSoft.net is a free web-based application offering secure centralized management of measurement data. It is accessed using a standard internet browser from any location in the world.

  • View and manipulate synchronized measurement data
  • Generate reports with graphs, annotations, and images
  • Share measurement data with authorized users via a secure login from any computer or web-enabled device
  • Export data to popular formats such as XML and CSV (comma-separated values)
  • Securely store (backup) all measurement data

An account is not required to synchronize measurement data to PosiSoft.net.

Synchronize (Sync) with PosiSoft.net

Synchronizing (Sync) is a two-way communication process between the PosiTector App and PosiSoft.net (no registration required). WiFi/cellular internet data connection required.

Stored batch data including measurements, photos, notes and annotations are included in the synchronization. After synchronization, data on the PosiTector App and PosiSoft.net will match (be the same).

New changes made to either will be included and merged during the next synchronization process.

Tip: Prior to synchronizing, it is good practice to change batch names to something more meaningful. This helps identify the batch in the future. Example: Rename "B4" to "Job142-14" or "Section83".

Synchronization can be triggered either manually (Sync Now) or automatically when batch data changes (Auto Sync).

Sync Now
Immediately initiates synchronization. All batches, readings, photos, notes and batch names for all probes will be synchronized.

Select Sync Now  within the Memory menu.

Auto Sync
When toggled ON; measurements, images and notes will automatically synchronize with PosiSoft.net. Synchronization occurs every time batch data changes (new measurement, note, photo, etc.).

Toggle Auto Sync within the Setup menu.

The example below demonstrates the PosiTector App with Memory and Auto Sync on. A measurement has been stored within the app and is in the process of synchronizing with PosiSoft.net.

(1) Auto Sync icon (appears when mode is on)

(2) Batch Synchronization status with PosiSoft.net

Yellow icon = batch data has changed since last sync
Green icon = batch synchronized

(3) Synchronization transfer status with PosiSoft.net

Green icon = successfully synchronizing
Red icon = connection failure has occured

If successful communication is not established after a period of time, the app will stop trying and the red icon will disappear. Ensure that your smart device has an internet/cellular data connection. The Batch Synchronization icon will remain yellow indicating it has not been synchronized.

Auto Sync is an ideal backup solution for your measurement data. Data can be copied back to the PosiTector App on the same smart device or another (ideal for switching between smart devices).

To view/interact with synchronized data on PosiSoft.net, registration of your PosiTector SmartLink is required (free account).

To transfer all stored batches, select Sync Now.

Copy To/From PosiSoft.net

Sync Now synchronizes all batches data for all probes associated with the connected PosiTector SmartLink. Sometimes only a single batch or select batches is desired for transfer. Copy to or Copy from PosiSoft.net allows the selection of single or multipe batches for transfer.

Ideal solution for switching between smart devices (phone and tablet). Pickup exactly where you left off.

Copy to PosiSoft.net
Select an individual batch or batches to copy to PosiSoft.net. Ideal when you don't require transferring or synchronizing all store batches.

Select Copy to PosiSoft.net from the Memory menu.

Identify batches to be included in the copy and press OK

The selected batches will be copied to PosiSoft.net and you will be returned back to the main measurement screen.

If the batches already exist on PosiSoft.net you will be prompted with an overwrite warning message.

"At least one of the batches you selected already exists on PosiSoft.net. Press OK to overwrite existing batches. Pressing Cancel will not copy and batches"

If OK is pressed, the existing batch on PosiSoft.net will be overwritten. This action cannot be un-done.

The copied batches will be identified with a symbol within the Copy to PosiSoft.net view.

The means the batch has been previously copied or synced. It is not an indication that batch data is in sync. Any changes (notes, photos, etc.) made on PosiSoft.net will be lost. Sync Now first to ensure changes are preserved on PosiSoft.net.

Copy from PosiSoft.net
Select an individual batch or batches to copy from PosiSoft.net to your local PosiTector App.

The means the batch has been previously copied. It is not an indication that batch data is in sync. If additional measurements have been taken or batch data has changed within the App, select Sync Now to ensure data is insync between the smart device and PosiSoft.net.

Batches must exist on PosiSoft.net to Copy from PosiSoft.net.

Switching between Smart Devices

The PosiTector SmartLink easily switches between multiple smart devices (i.e. phone and tablet). Batch data can be transfered between devices using the Copy to and Copy from PosiSoft.net features.

SmartLink Lock must be off for other devices to be able to connect to the PosiTector SmartLink. Ensure this is off prior to switching smart devices.

PosiTector SmartLink only (no batch data)
Ensure the PosiTector SmartLink is disconnected from the original smart device. Close the PosiTector App or return to the Search screen.

Open the PosiTector App on another smart device. Select the PosiTector SmartLink (identified by connected probe type and serial number) from the list.

Batch measurements taken on the previous smart device are not present by default. To get batch data from a previous device see below.

PosiTector SmartLink with batch data
Sync or Copy batch measurement data to PosiSoft.net prior to disconnecting the PosiTector SmartLink from the orginal device.

Ensure the PosiTector SmartLink is disconnected from the original smart device. Close the PosiTector App or return to the Search screen.

Open the PosiTector App on another smart device. Select the PosiTector SmartLink (identified by connected probe type and serial number) from the list.

Select Copy from PosiSoft.net from the Memory menu and choose the desired batches to include in the copy. Press OK.

The chosen batches will be copied from PosiSoft.net to your smart device. Open a batch by selecting Open Batch from the Memory menu. Continue right where you left off.


PosiTector SmartLink not displaying on search screen.
Ensure PosiTector SmartLink is powered-up and LED is blinking blue.
Refresh the search using the arrow icon in the upper left of the display.
Verify Bluetooth is ON is smart device settings.

Synchronization with PosiSoft.net not successful
Ensure WiFi or cellular internet connection is available and retry.

Camera does not function when attempting to add photo
Verify adequate privacy permissions are set for the PosiTector App.

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